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The secret life of a startup employee: it’s like being a firefighter led by an arsonist

A bit too close to home

Why most unit testing is a waste (PDF)

Showing Passwords on Log-In Screens

Why you should do so (by @lukew)

An Old Fogey’s Analysis of a Teenager’s View on Social Media

A note of caution about this previously-linked article on social media usage among teens:

Teens’ use of social media is significantly shaped by race and class, geography and cultural background.

A Teenager’s View on Social Media

Full of valuable insight for out-of-touch ageing thirty-somethings (like me).

Names are more important than domain names

HTML5 vs Native: The Mobile App Debate

Note to entrepreneurs: Your idea is not special

Opinions of a Brad Feld (VC): the best executors are often not the first to implement an idea

Building Great Software Companies

Collection of articles and tips from Joel Spolsky and his Fog Creek colleagues.

Things that make your web service RESTful (and not)

Tom Insam’s thoughts and debunking of what REST actually means (see also his REST vs non-REST follow-up)

Instapaper’s Arment: Seek Money From Customers, Not VCs

“Venture Capital Is Like Having Another Boss”

Elements Of Twitter Style

Side effects of developing for yourself

Make something you would actually use: “If I let users steer product decisions, the result would be a massive codebase producing a bloated, cluttered product full of features that hardly anyone used at the expense of everyday usability and polish on the features that matter.”

Stevey's Blog Rants: Good Agile, Bad Agile

An entertaining and probing opinion piece on agile: what works, when and how. Required reading.

Coding Horror: Hardware is Cheap, Programmers are Expensive

Is scheduled downtime okay?

Opinions on what consitutes downtime and how much is acceptable

What Makes for a Good Blog?

ASCII Pronunciation Rules for Programmers

Almost there. Brackets will always be “(” and “)”.

The PHP Benchmark

Advice and best practices for PHP operations, such as looping over a hash

Web designers should do their own HTML/CSS

I totally agree. Now, where are these mythical creatures hiding?