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PHP: The Right Way


Performance-focused PHP framework (in C)


Popular PHP open-source framework

PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby -- side-by-side reference and cheat sheet

Ajax IM

A free, open-source, extensible, customisable instant messaging framework, based on PHP and node.js.

Limonade - PHP micro-framework

In the style of Sinatra, Camping and co.

Flickr: Discussing manufacturing style photo URLs in Flickr API

Using a base58 conversion of photo IDs, like base62 but without 0, I, I and l. PHP function used by Flickr


PHP5 framework. Fork of CodeIgniter

Aptana Cloud

Integrates Aptana’s Eclipse-based IDE with a cloud hosting environment on Joyent. Supports PHP, Rails. Monitoring tools too.

Twitter Export Script

garrettmurray's js_twitter_flickr

Display latest tweet and Flickr photos via JavaScript+PHP. Uses Magpie to cache feeds

Flickr API - simple PHP class

By Kellen, a Flickr dev


PHP Function Reference - Dashboard widget

End of Life for PHP 4

As of 08/08/08. Time for all ISPs to support PHP5 then

PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner

Using a Custom Class To Create JSON in PHP

Using A Quick & Easy SQLite Database

Example uses PHP and PDO to connect to SQLite


Firebug plugin for debugging PHP in Firefox

PHP frameworks, Part 1: Getting started with three popular frameworks

Unicode Data with PHP 5 and MySQL

Don’t forget to SET NAMES ‘utf8’ before you write