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Email tracking, scheduling, templates, send later, and surveys for Gmail


Stupidly Simple Lightboxing - The jQuery lightbox plugin for people who know what they’re doing.


A jQuery Plugin by Harvest to Tame Unwieldy Select Boxes


timeago: a jQuery plugin

Gmail Plugin in the App Gallery on SoundCloud

With source on GitHub for Chrome and Firefox extensions

jQuery Knob

Knobs, dials and segments

Marked Bonus Pack (scripts, commands and bundles)

Using Marked with popular editors and code watchers


Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden

TextMate Fullscreen on Lion


Code editor written in JavaScript. Supports tabbing, syntax highlighting, auto-indentation and more. As now used by GitHub.

Has Face for Rails

Face recognition plugin for Rails that helps to ensure avatars contain a real human face

jQuery URL Parser


jQuery plugin for magical reveal/sort/filter layouts that progressively transform blocks using CSS3 (or older techniques).

gMap - Google Maps Plugin For jQuery


Facebook-style tooltip plugin for jQuery


Large GCal-esque calendar plugin for jQuery


Nice, clean Mac Flash blocker with whitelists

jQuery Visualize Plugin: Accessible Charts & Graphs from Table Elements using HTML 5 Canvas

Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress