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Nothing much further to add to #brexit. I voted for us to stay in, but now that we’re (going to be) out, the sooner we can stabilise the economy, society and politics the better. The Thick Of It’s “omnishambles” feels more appropriate a term than ever.

On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs

Meet the Obama campaign's $250 million fundraising platform

Commentary on how they optimised conversion and reduced page load times. Backed by Jekyll and S3/Akamai hosting.

Four crowdsourcing lessons from the Guardian’s (spectacular) expenses-scandal experiment

Plus background on the site itself: Guardian using Django and EC2 for the first time on a project.

Where Did It All Go Right? Andrew Collins

MP references Shed Seven multiple times in Commons speech and yet denies it. Boo him.

With friends like these ... Tom Hodgkinson on the politics of the people behind Facebook

Murky owners, murky terms and conditions

Waterboarding tested

“I’ll put it this way. If I had the choice of being waterboarded by a third party or having my fingers smashed one at a time by a sledgehammer, I’d take the fingers, no question.”

Who has the world's oil vs who consumes it

Tory atlas of the world

From on old Spitting Image annual

Liberal thinker JK Galbraith dies

I think I quoted Galbraith in almost all of my economics essays at school and his theories of “tax and spend” shaped my ideas on politics/economics. Along with Keynes he was the economics daddy.

ongoing · The Hunger Barrier

Tim Bray hits the nail on the head Is your MP working for you in the UK's Parliament?