Barry Frost

This is Barry Frost’s personal website.

Tagged #portfolio

Drew Wilson

Drew’s personal portfolio. Big, full-screen style design.


London-based digital agency (with a nice website).

Simplest jQuery Slideshow

codegent : White Label Dating

Portfolio page for the projects codegent have worked on for us

Charlotte Read

Freelance London-based designer (as of March 2009). Lovely portfolio and recent work for the Guardian.

The PhotoBoard Tumblr Theme. Designed by Ben Delaney.

Lovely photos/links Tumblr theme

JQuery Cycle Plugin

Cycle through images using several different effects

The vanishing personal site

Zeldman notes the shift from personal sites (with links, photos, info, etc.) to links to sites like Flickr that hold your content

Made by Elephant - We craft User Experiences

electric pulp, an interactive agency. we build websites.

PARALLEL || Eye to Eye

Pretty repeating square background thing | Welcome

Nice use of the MooTools Kwick effect

Erskine Design - Responsible web design and development

Simon (Colly) Collison’s new company, part of the inspiring Erskine Corp, a collection of like-minded people working together

Carbonmade: Your online portfolio.

Sexy portfolios for creatives. Web 2.0-erific

Photo viewer with scrolling thumbnails (@media 2005)

Lovely repeating scroller effect: even has easing to slow down