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Installing PostgreSQL v10

Using JSON in Postgres with Ruby and Sequel

With its fast, built-in support for JSON, it’s worth considering Postgres for storing and querying your JSON data. Instead of using a specialised document server, Postgres may be the right choice for your application.

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Postgres tips for Rails developers


Serve a RESTful API directly from a Postgres database.

Monitoring CPU and memory usage from Postgres


A Ruby job queue that uses PostgreSQL’s advisory locks for speed and reliability.


PostgREST serves a fully RESTful API from any existing PostgreSQL database. It provides a cleaner, more standards-compliant, faster API than you are likely to write from scratch.


PostgreSQL GUI Tool for Mac OS X

Handling Growth with Postgres

5 tips from Instagram

Lanyrd's Big Move

Moving from MySQL to Postgres

“The easiest way to run PostgreSQL on the Mac”