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A Modern PostgreSQL Client for the Mac

Bye bye Mongo, Hello Postgres

The Guardian’s switch from Mongo to Postgres on AWS. Good explanation of their careful approach.

Using Atomic Transactions to Power an Idempotent API

Uses Ruby, Sequel, Postgres and Sidekiq in the examples

Installing PostgreSQL v10

Using JSON in Postgres with Ruby and Sequel

With its fast, built-in support for JSON, it’s worth considering Postgres for storing and querying your JSON data. Instead of using a specialised document server, Postgres may be the right choice for your application.

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Postgres tips for Rails developers


Serve a RESTful API directly from a Postgres database.

Monitoring CPU and memory usage from Postgres


A Ruby job queue that uses PostgreSQL’s advisory locks for speed and reliability.


PostgREST serves a fully RESTful API from any existing PostgreSQL database. It provides a cleaner, more standards-compliant, faster API than you are likely to write from scratch.


PostgreSQL GUI Tool for Mac OS X

Handling Growth with Postgres

5 tips from Instagram

Lanyrd's Big Move

Moving from MySQL to Postgres

“The easiest way to run PostgreSQL on the Mac”