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Pretty print your Ruby objects with style – in full color and with proper indentation

Lost Destination: Highbury

60 x 80cm version of our Highbury print which pays homage to Arsenal’s much loved home from 1913 to 2006.



Web, print, brochure and logo design marketplace/outsourcer


Posters for modern technology from a 1977 perspective

Colosseo Letterpress Poster

Cameron Moll’s stunning Roman Coliseum crafter purely with type

30+ Handy Blank Templates for Designers

MOO Business Cards

Offers print runs of as little as 50 cards with each personalisable. Coming soon.

Subtraction: I Wants These Fonts

Yummy slabs and lovely sans-serifs

Ace Jet 170

Inspiration from old typopgraphy

10 obvious things about the future of newspapers you need to get through your head

Cool business card designs

GOOD Magazine | Goodmagazine - The 51 Best* Magazines Ever

Creating Printable Documents with Ruby

PDF::Writer guide

A First Guide to PostScript

Includes code examples

Web Design is 95% Typography (1)

All about good sized text, leading, whitespace

AIGA - They're not fonts!

Righting a common misconception. I’ve been guilty here too.

Create Letterhead Templates in MS Word

Export JPEG with Flash/PHP

A nifty little technique that uses the getPixel() available in Flash 8 to read each individual pixel in the flash player and send the colour values to a PHP script, which reforms the exact view of the flash player as a static JPEG


Book publishing tool and service. Pretty site too

cityofsound: Assessing the new Guardian, with brief nod to the avant-garde (aka Grazia, Heat and The Sun)

Critique of the new G design