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Visualizing Epics and Dependencies in JIRA

How do you estimate on an Agile project?

ThoughtWorks PDF book


“Recurring task and chore management made easy.” Distributes repeating tasks among a team.


Project Management Software for Freelance Web Developers (another Basecamp-y PM system)


Team inbox and chat for dev teams - a bit like Campfire with social integration.

The Pomodoro Technique™

25-min timed bursts to work on a task, have a break and then do another unit of work. Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break


Mac app that displays a 25-min countdown timer used for the Pomodoro technique


Upcoming project/task management app. Sounds promising: resource allocation, tracking and reporting. Just what I need right now.

How to disarm 10 difficult client observations/requests

Unfuddle: Free Source Control, Bug and Issue Tracking

Looks a bit like Basecamp, but includes source control views

A Guide to Simple Project Management


Help manage agile software projects. Free for up to five users