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HTTP/2 Server Push and Service Workers: The Perfect Partnership

A/B testing push notifications with Parse


“Heroku for Mobile” - data storage, sync, push, users, social integration using Parse’s SDKs for iOS and Android


Instant Notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Email and More – alternative to Notifo


Push notifications to your mobile. API service, hooks in GitHub too.

App Engine Recipe - GoogleAppEngine (Python) with UrbanAirship to send out iPhone (OS3.0) Push Notifications

Introducing Marley, the blog engine without textareas

Lightweight Ruby blog engine - publish via git push


Post-push Git hook management tool. Auto deploy apps after pushing.

joshua's blog: beyond rest

Better than polling and neater than XMPP: call a service’s API specifying a callback URL on your system… PIMP (PIMP Is Mostly Push)


Enables Rails to push Javascript in real time to clients with a Ruby server, Rails in the middle and Flash/JS on the client. Huge potential for chat/IM