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I love Sebastiaan Andeweg‘s new day page with an icon summary of his activity that day. And his Reacji facepiles are also very nice. 😍 Plenty of inspiration for some changes I want to make to Transformative.

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For about a week, I’ve been able to receive webmentions but they haven’t been visible on my site. That is a bad experience for several reasons: The first is that it seems strange for someone to send a webmention and if they visit my site later to see…


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This post advertises its Webmention endpoint with an HTTP Link header. The URL is relative, so this will also test whether your discovery code properly resolves the relative URL.


Recent communication at work is exclusively via emoji reactions (reacji?) in Slack: πŸ‘ πŸ‘ and πŸ‘€. Living the monosyllabic reclusive boss dream.