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The Art of Job interviewing

I love @StevieBuckley’s smart new @Honest_Work job board: all adverts are direct from employers, transparent on salary and clearly indicate the level of remote working accepted. A breath of fresh air.


A curated awesome list of lists of interview questions

A friend looking for a project mgmt job for 4 months asked for help from friends on Facebook. Within a week has 3 job offers. Recruitment.

Ballsy recruitment experiment from @stripe: inviting whole teams of 2-5 to apply to work together.

Top 100 Recruiters In UK Startups

Recommended [London Startup Technology] Recruiters

Guardian Pairing Tests

Used by the Guardian during their developer recruitment process

Finding People – Events

UK developer events for “finding people”

Today’s HR Technology Landscape (and the Trends Shaping the Market)

Liked Rebecca Slatkin (@RebeccaSlatkin) Rebecca Slatkin (@RebeccaSlatkin)’s post on Twitter
What recruiters think I want: Beer cart, ping pong table What I really want: Silence, coworkers with good table manners, attention to UX

How we do recruitment at Spotify


Homerun is a lightweight tool that makes your recruitment personal and effective.

What I learned from reading 8,000 recruiting messages


Marketplace for Recruiting Startup & Tech Talent


“A modern web app for hiring”


“Recruiting Software for fast-growing businesses”


Recruitment software targeted at SMEs

Spammy [UK] Recruiters

List of domains of recruiters that routinely spam UK developers. Presented in a format for cut-and-pasting into a GMail filter

Our 10 Step Engineering Hiring Process at Mixer Labs