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Liked Colin Walker Colin Walker’s post “Learning from the past” on
There was a quick conversation on about RSS triggered by a post from Jason Dettbarn which, in turn, was in response to David Sparks' "The case for RSS." The upshot was that Google Reader was both the standard bearer and pall bearer for RSS…


web feed parser and normalizer (XML w/ Atom or RSS, JSON Feed, HTML w/ Microformats e.g. h-entry/h-feed, Feed.TXT w/ YAML & Markdown, etc.)


Open-source RSS reader written in Rails (with Postgres and Redis). Good example of a large Rails app to poke around.


Simple and flexible Atom/RSS syndication for WordPress. Used by Mark Boulton to insert Delicious links into his blog.

iPhone’s Missing Feed Reader

Round up and reviews of iPhone feed readers, including my choice Byline

FeedBurner Socialize: Add Your Feed to Twitter

Instead of using Twitterfeed, use FeedBurner’s integrated Twitter posting. Added bonus: supports use of PubSubHubbub so that Twitter is instantly updated

Google Ajax Feeds Fun

Display an RSS feed using Javascript (plus some libraries)

Social Graph Explorer (me)

Sucks out data about you from Google’s Social Graph API, microformats and RSS feeds

garrettmurray's js_twitter_flickr

Display latest tweet and Flickr photos via JavaScript+PHP. Uses Magpie to cache feeds


Query public APIs and RSS feeds with SQL-like expressions and return JSON(P).

Flickr API Responses as Feeds

Subscribe to API results as RSS

joshua's blog: beyond rest

Better than polling and neater than XMPP: call a service’s API specifying a callback URL on your system… PIMP (PIMP Is Mostly Push)

NetNewsWire -> instapaper (AppleScript)

Could be handy if I start using Instapaper - Share and remix data using open standards

Bringing together lots of fun stuff in one place

The Daily Star's unique approach to promoting RSS feeds

The Star’s genius method of getting people interested in RSS: “You know….we could get a topless bird to hold the RSS icon”

FeedBurner - Feed 101

For when I get asked what RSS is

A VC: Really Simple Stealing

Download RSS feeds, pump them into a blog engine, add adsense/linkage = profit!

Smart Google Reader Subscribe Button []

Useful reminder of whether you’ve subscribed to a feed in Google Reader. Greasemonkey script.

My Whole Life in Happy Little Folders, by Jeffrey Veen

Good approach to organising feeds into realistic folders

Atom/RSS2 RXML templates

For RubyOnRails