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Ok yes this is very exciting

Minimal Status Bar for Safari

AppleScript for Sending Frontmost Safari Tabs to OmniFocus


Switch between Safari tabs using cmd-1, cmd-2, etc. Uses SIMBL.

Safari Omnibar

Get the Chrome/Firefox all-in-one search and address bar in Safari. Requires SIMBL.

Thin Text in Safari with Snow Leopard

Neat hack to make anti-aliased text look nice in Safari

Font-weight is still broken in all but one browser

Only Firefox 3 renders numeric (100, 200, …, 900) font weight values correctly

RGBA colors - CSS3

How to use RGBA - Safari 3/Webkit only for now

Web Development for the iPhone

Building an iPhone Safari app - viewports, CSS and JavaScript

assert(♥) - New light

How to use Helvetica (Neue) Light successfully on Safari, FF2/Mac and FF3/Mac

Two Safari 3.1 Tips

Show the debug menu and force links that want to open in a new window to instead open in a tab

Replicating iPhone Buttons the ‘-webkit’ way! at LaunchPad Blog

Just in case I ever need to create an iPhone app

Marketcircle: iPhoney

iPhone simulator for Macs

Inquisitor 3. Spotlight for the web.

Safari Livesearch/Spotlight add-on

Swift: a web browser for Windows

Uses WebKit as a rendering engine. A bit rough at the moment (well it is an alpha) but will be useful for testing etc.

High DPI Web Sites

The problems of new displays with much higher DPIs than normal (such as those Sony Vaio beasts). Interesting stuff: I hadn’t thought of using SVG in lists/backgrounds.

Yahoo! Developer Network: Graded Browser Support