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A Beginner's Guide to Scaling to 11 Million+ Users on Amazon's AWS

Serve your Rails assets over S3 (and CloudFront) with asset_sync


Automatically “hires” and “fires” (aka “scales”) Delayed Job and Resque workers on Heroku. When there are no queue jobs, HireFire will fire (shut down) all workers. If there are queued jobs, then it’ll hire (spin up) workers.

Scaling Cheddar

Lessons in scaling, including third-party that block, ETAGs and CDN usage

Scaling PostgreSQL Performance Using Table Partitioning

Handling Growth with Postgres

5 tips from Instagram

Starting your Startup

Lessons from Joe Stump on starting and growing a startup

Delegate or die

Whenever Derek Sivers (CDBaby’s CEO) was asked a question he gathered his team around, answered it, explained the philosophy/process, got one person to document it and then let them know they can decide without him next time. A few months later he was “totally unnecessary”.

notes on "how to clone delicious in 48 hours"

Perhaps it’s not quite as simple as it first seems. A useful list for consideration when building public services.

Anatomy of a Crushing

Lessons from the Pinboard team from the surge in interest when speculation began that Yahoo planned to drop Delicious


An interesting-looking schemaless, distributed, RESTful search engine, built on top of Lucene, with built-in support for multi-tenancy, data sharding, failover and automatic state restoration /via @timblair

Exploring the software behind Facebook

A wealth of useful info on all the components used to power FB.

On Designing and Deploying Internet-Scale Services

Cassandra @ Twitter: An Interview with Ryan King « myNoSQL

How Twitter is using Cassandra, but also insights into how they develop and roll out new features.

Why I think Mongo is to Databases what Rails was to Frameworks

Scaling Django

Detailed piece that focuses on Django but has lessons for everyone on scaling, caching, load balancing, queuing, sharding, etc.

That’s Not a Memory Leak, It’s Bloat

Detecting inefficiencies in Rails apps, in particular with ActiveRecord

Stack Overflow Architecture | High Scalability

Building and Scaling a Startup on Rails: 12 Things We Learned the Hard Way

From the perspective of the Posterous chaps. Good lessons, not just for Rails apps.

Anti-RDBMS: A list of distributed key-value stores

Stretches my little brain a bit, but this is a comprehensive breakdown of k/v stores and their drawbacks.