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Turn screen captures into GIFs with cropping and trimming, entirely client-side in the browser


Mac screen capture software

iPhone 6 Screens Demystified


Fast iPhone/iPad/smartphont repair in London. Based in Fitzrovia. Tip from Ben Hammsersley.


One-click full-page screenshots. Chrome extension

Eye-Friendly for Mac OS X

Change screen resolutions via a hotkey. Useful for Retina Macs

GNU Screen Crash Course

GNU Screen: an introduction and beginner's tutorial

Mobile screen resolutions by brand and model

Irradiated Software - Cinch

Snap windows to the sides of your Mac display - or maximise them

Is it time to move beyond 960? ~ Authentic Boredom

Cameron’s analysis suggests it is, although a sub-1024 size is still best

Lighthead - Caffeine

Prevent the screensaver/dimmer from kicking in when watching a video/DVD or presenting