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Disable Window Shadows on macOS Screenshots


Create and share beautiful images of your source code. Start typing or drop a file into the text area to get started.


I’m not a fan of screenshotting text for Twitter, but I love this app’s workflow.


One-click full-page screenshots. Chrome extension

iOS-Simulator Cropper

Takes screenshots from the iOS Simulator and optionally adds iPhone/iPad chrome around

Get FileShuttle, an easy file sharing app.

Screenshots or drag'n'drop to a (S)FTP server

IE NetRenderer - Browser Compatibility Check

Free browser checking service. Not sure how robust this is, but it could certainly be useful

CSSiPhone — Screens for all your iPhone needs.

Gallery of iPhone specific web design

Sneak - Save screen captures into a Stack in Leopard

Useful hack to put screenshots in a special folder to unclutter your desktop. The author then uses a stack in his dock to find recent grabs.

Free Website Thumbnail Generator Service | ShrinkTheWeb


Make fake data - useful for screenshots or examples

Compatibility testing for web sites and email newsletters - Litmus

JohnHaney Software - Backdrop

Hide Mac background - useful for presentations etc.

arc90 lab : tools : Link Thumbnail

Hovering thumbnails of link targets

Export JPEG with Flash/PHP

A nifty little technique that uses the getPixel() available in Flash 8 to read each individual pixel in the flash player and send the colour values to a PHP script, which reforms the exact view of the flash player as a static JPEG