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Fuzzy Name Matching in Postgres

Using Levenshtein and Soundex extensions with indexes for fast fuzzy matches.

Algolia DocSearch

Free search service. Crawls your documentation every 24 hours


Hosted Search API that delivers instant and relevant results from the first keystroke.

flori/amatch · GitHub

This is a collection of classes that can be used for Approximate matching, searching, and comparing of Strings. They implement algorithms that compute the Levenshtein edit distance, Sellers edit distance, the Hamming distance, the longest common subsequence length, the longest common substring length, the pair distance metric, the Jaro-Winkler metric.

Safari Omnibar

Get the Chrome/Firefox all-in-one search and address bar in Safari. Requires SIMBL.


Reverse image search - useful for spotting scammers or copyrighted image library photos. Free for personal use (Firefox plugin) or commercial pricing for the API


An interesting-looking schemaless, distributed, RESTful search engine, built on top of Lucene, with built-in support for multi-tenancy, data sharding, failover and automatic state restoration /via @timblair

Thinking Sphinx

Ruby gem to connect ActiveRecord to Sphinx

Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

Google Web Elements

Embed Google things (maps, calendars, searches, comments, etc.) on your site


Awesome UK property search engine with a lovely endless-scrolling dynamic interface

Sphinx 0.9.9-rc2 - with SphinxQL

It now pretends to be a MySQL database so you can write SELECT queries

Apache UIMA

“Unstructured Information Management applications are software systems that analyze large volumes of unstructured information in order to discover knowledge that is relevant to an end user.”


Instant domain searching via Ajax

SolRuby - Solr Wiki

Using Solr with Ruby

Rails Envy: Acts_As_Ferret Tutorial

acts_as_ferret - Ferret based full text search for any ActiveRecord model

Extate: property search engine

Ajax, GMap, search text Search for UK estate agents, property and properties for sale & rent

Fast results on a Google map

Rails Envy: Acts_As_Ferret Tutorial

Ruby text search engine based on Apache Lucene