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Keen IO

API for Custom Analytics


Send and receive email via an API. Reporting and deliverability management.

The Netflix Simian Army

“Chaos Monkey” - tool that randomly disable production instances to ensure failover kicks in without service degradation - and other monkeys


Subscription and recurring billing service

Landing Page Examples | Unbounce

Good landing pages with call-to-actions, A/B test winners and lead generation

Things that make your web service RESTful (and not)

Tom Insam’s thoughts and debunking of what REST actually means (see also his REST vs non-REST follow-up)


Service to convert hCalendar and hCard microformatted pages into ics and vcf files.

New Service: Interface Evaluation (Usability Audit) - Bokardo

Lightweight evaluation service resulting in prioritised list of issues and advice on best practices


Intermediate between publishers and subscribers. Claims to support HTTP callbacks to remove need for polling. Supports multiple formats/protocols: XMPP, REST, etc.