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Six years after I tried it and initially questioned the pricing, I guess Slack knew what they were doing. Not bad for a spin-off from a MMORPG.

PTO Ninja

PTO Ninja is a simple and seamless way to track employee absences (vacations, sick time, work travel, etc.) and keep teams aligned during time away.

Integrates with Slack for approvals.

Run a Ruby Slack Bot on AWS Lambda


Bot framework for Slack and IRC in Ruby

How to manage software development in Slack


Asynchronous standup meetings in Slack

Recent communication at work is exclusively via emoji reactions (reacji?) in Slack: 👍 👏 and 👀. Living the monosyllabic reclusive boss dream.


A server for running multiple slack bots – useful for building integrations

Slack has introduced reactions: a method of responding to a message with emoji.

I like it. It’s a more nuanced like/favourite to allow for dislikes 👎, thanks 👏 or inevitably 💩. I can see this idea spreading to other services very quickly. I wonder how it might work in the #indieweb world?


Small Sinatra app to host web hooks for Slack