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'Smartphone by default' internet users

A qualitative research report conducted by ESRO for Ofcom

On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs

The Case For An Older Woman « OkTrends

OK Cupid’s analysis of their membership base with lovely visualisations and intelligent interpretations

Women are getting more beautiful - Times Online

“For women, looks are much less important in a man than his ability to look after her when she is pregnant and nursing, periods when women are vulnerable to predators. Historically this has meant rich men tend to have more wives and many children. So the pressure is on men to be successful.”

Stoooopid .... why the Google generation isn’t as smart as it thinks

Attention spans waning, distractions increasing, kids interested only in gossip. We’re doomed! Doomed!

How migrants fuel Britain's boom town

Commentary on the positive effect of immigration on Slough, just down the road

half price for halfwits

We’re getting more stupidererer

Who has the world's oil vs who consumes it

The Bible According To Google Earth

What would biblical scenes look like from Google Earth?

The Dilbert Blog: Going Forward

How Scott Adams lost visitors to Dilbert because of his blogging

Tory atlas of the world

From on old Spitting Image annual

Charlie Brooker: Nightclubs are hell

Oh God yes. “It’s not enough to pretend you’re having fun in the club any more - you’ve got to pretend you’re having fun in your Flickr gallery, and your friends’ Flickr galleries”

Particletree » The Endowment Effect

Another great Particletree essay. “Your friends might think you’re a genius, and tech insiders may give you rave reviews, but you’ll end up in the deadpool if your product doesn’t provide customers with much more value than their current software” - me

Only ~33%

O'Reilly Radar > Why Johnny Can't Program

A teacher’s steps to get kids programming with logo, animation, lego, etc. Weblog: Comments for ‘Bobo and the iPhone’

Brent’s right. I can’t look at any other phone without thinking “bobo” and yet I can’t get one until next year at the earliest :(

Liberal thinker JK Galbraith dies

I think I quoted Galbraith in almost all of my economics essays at school and his theories of “tax and spend” shaped my ideas on politics/economics. Along with Keynes he was the economics daddy.

Surprise secret to soccer appeal

Football offers most surprises and thrashes all other sports. But it’s getting less fun…

How to order wine without looking like an [arsehole]

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | SMS Bible launched in Australia

The world really has gone mad