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Microsoft BizSpark

Startup scheme for MS developers: free software and tools (with a few caveats)

Releasing Outside the App Store - Matt Gemmell

How Not To Sell Software in 2012

It should be as easy as humanly possible to try it, pay for it, and start using it in production.


Windows app installer/updater that downloads popular browsers, IM clients, utilities, etc. all in one and without the cruft

The Setup on waferbaby

Hardware/software used by noteworthy geeks at work and home

Alex Payne - setup

Alex’s list of hardware and software that he uses daily

Ask 37signals: Installable software? - (37signals)

Why 37s aren’t big fans of making/supporting installable apps

Sophiestication | CoverSutra

I’m trying this out and am so far impressed. It Scrobbles, adds key and Apple Remote support to iTunes and looks damn pretty. When something’s this well executed I don’t mind paying, even if I can do most of the functions using separate applications.

Coding Horror: Software Projects as Rock Climbing


OmniGraffle stencils


Self-update Cocoa module which manages download, install and restart

Essentials, 2006 edition [dive into mark]

Ubuntu/Linux must-haves