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GitHub Flow

GitHub’s process: always deploy from master, branch from master, submit a pull request when ready, merge and push to master and then deploy immediately.

git for the lazy

Viewing changes, fixing mistakes, branching/merging, tags, etc.

Get Started with Git

A List Apart tutorial aimed at designers and writers

Using Git to manage a web site

Secure Git hosting and collaborative development — GitHub

Hosting for a Git project

Using GIT for Rails Development

(instead of Subversion)

Ignore Files and Directories in Subversion

Beanstalk — Hosted Subversion for team leads

Ciarán Walsh’s Blog » SVNMate

TortoiseSVN style information within Textmate’s project drawer

On using Subversion for web projects « Athletics

Useful advocacy and Mac specific app advice

Git - SVN Crash Course

TextMate Blog » Subversion support and ssh key pairs

Simple SVN editing over SSH in Textmate

Versions - Mac Subversion Client

God I need this right now. Save me from svnX hell!

Welcome - Bazaar Version Control

Free, fast, simple version control in Python

Subversion tips: working with branches