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Fraud/spam prevention tools that originate from Facebook/Instagram teams

I get spam: “It’s been a busy few weeks for us here at [marketing spam co]” Not as busy as it’s been for my Report Spam shortcut fingers…

Emails from salespeople chasing me for a response to their previous cold email = #reportspam

Spammy [UK] Recruiters

List of domains of recruiters that routinely spam UK developers. Presented in a format for cut-and-pasting into a GMail filter


Rack middleware for blocking and throttling

Anonymous Call Rejection

Block any calls with BT if there’s no caller ID. For if the cold calls get too much…

Suspension, Ban or Hellban?

Killer idea to deceive scammers/trolls in a community. Hellbanning = invisible to other members but they believe they’re still active; Slowbanning = deliberate pageload delays introduced to frustrate them; Errorbanning = random error/http pages.


Reverse image search - useful for spotting scammers or copyrighted image library photos. Free for personal use (Firefox plugin) or commercial pricing for the API

Crisp Thinking

Behavioural analysis to combat fraud, scammers and spam - NetModerator

Four Tips For Cracking E-Mail Filters

Break up the list into small groups, shorten subject lines, remove spammy words from subjects, don’t send forms within email

Rate limiting with memcached

Great idea for limiting access attempts using memcached rather than repeated database hits. Suggested use is resisting dictionary password attacks; could also be used for resisting spammers

iovation Partners with ID Insight

Address verification can now be combined with device checks. I wonder if this will be wrapped up in one call?

41st Parameter

Internet Fraud Management, Detection and Prevention. Alternative to iovation?

Sender Policy Framework (SPF): FAQ/Common mistakes

Lyla Captcha for ColdFusion

Email design and spam testing just got easy with Campaign Monitor

A $10 test in multiple email clients, including spam filter scoring

Battling Comment Spam

…in ColdFusion, using Bayesian Filter CFC

spam: the movie - malevolent design weblog

Sending video in email (to Outlook and other IE email renderers) using the dynsrc attribute

soaked and soaped : How To Protect A Rails Application Against Spam with Akismet

Uses a special Askimet API for Ruby

SonSpring | Deflecting Digg

Wow. Forget Danish cartoons, Mohammed is depicted in marble form on the walls of the US Supreme Court.