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A collection of templates, documents, and results from our user research at Known

State of the CF Union Survey 2016

Survey results from CF community. Much has changed since I last wrote CFML.

Form structure — Government Service Design Manual advocates one-question-per-page approach to form design


Pretty online survey tool. Used by Pusher for their annual survey.

ForeSee Results

Surveys, feedback, customer experience analytics. Used by the Guardian.

Optimum Contact

Mystery shopping, customer experience/feedback (used by Gradwell)

Create a page where people can ask you questions. Simple but effective.

Wufoo Can Now Automatically Update Your Campaign Monitor Subscriber Lists

Notifications feature in Wufoo automatically updates your lists and can also match custom fields for extra information

Much Ado About IE6

Digg’s research suggests many IE6 users aren’t upgrading because they’re viewing at work and aren’t allowed

A List Apart: Articles: Findings From the Web Design Survey (2007)

Intranet Needs and Wants Survey

What staff really want from their intranet

iBook and PowerBook Reliability

Conclusion: G3 iBooks got worse with each revision, the other lines improved…