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TextMate Fullscreen on Lion


TextMate plugin that provides full-screen support in Mac OS X Lion

Copying Code from Textmate to Keynote with Style

Bundle that saves text as RTF and so therefore can still be edited in Keynote

TextMate shortcuts you should be using

johnmuhl's javascript-tools-tmbundle

Textmate Javascript bundle that provides validation/syntax checking and minification tools

Alex Payne | How I Use TextMate

ProjectPlus and Ack are essential add-ons

TextMate Plug-in: ProjectPlus

SVN/Git, project panel (instead of drawer), display folders first and other tweaks


Textmate Ruby and Rails bundle with nice shortcuts

Git Textmate bundle

Git Textmate bundle

TextMate Tip – The Ruby Bundle

Snipplr - Code 2.0

Snippets site, with download bundle for easy adding to Textmate

Softies on Rails: TextMate Snippet for RESTful Controller

Ciarán Walsh’s Blog » SVNMate

TortoiseSVN style information within Textmate’s project drawer

Ciarán Walsh’s Blog » QuickLook and TextMate

Rail Spikes: Textmate: remove unnecessary files from Rails project

Makes searching in files much faster

Stop Textmate reloading the projects drawer

Essential if you’re working with a non-local project

On using Subversion for web projects « Athletics

Useful advocacy and Mac specific app advice

Introducing KitMate: TextMate + WebKit

WebKit inspector from within TextMAte

TextMate Blog » Subversion support and ssh key pairs

Simple SVN editing over SSH in Textmate