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Start Meeting workflow

Do not disturb will be turned on, your volume will be muted and a notes template will be created in Bear. At the end of the meeting tasks can be created in Things.

In reply to Things Things’s post “We hope you'll like it, Barry!” on Twitter
We hope you'll like it, Barry!

@culturedcode Thanks very much, Things tweeter! I registered for the beta so hopefully I’ll get the chance to try it soon. 🤞

In reply to Neil Stanley Neil Stanley’s post “The iOS reminders app is rubbish and I'v…” on Twitter
The iOS reminders app is rubbish and I've been looking for a replacement. Try 2 or hold out for 3 Barry?

@nstanley I’ve been very happy with v2 but I think v3 will be a paid upgrade for macOS and iOS so you may want to wait.

I use @culturedcode’s Things to track pretty much everything I do, so I’m looking forward to May’s long-awaited V3: