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Monospaced font with programming ligatures

Upping Your Type Game

Web typography and choosing the right typeface

21 Fonts That Shouldn't Be Free...But Are!

Beautiful High-Quality Free Fonts For Your Designs

Nice Web Type Suggests: Graublau Sans with Lucida sanserif

Handy examples on where to use Graublau Sans Web and where not

Facing up to Fonts | Slides and notes

Richard Rutter from Clearleft on intelligent use of web fonts, including specifying alternatives for italics where appropriate. Good stuff.

Font-weight is still broken in all but one browser

Only Firefox 3 renders numeric (100, 200, …, 900) font weight values correctly

Go to Hell-vetica

The Apple and Adobe versions of Helvetica Neue Light are completely different


Very fond of this font. Used by the Wufooers

KLIM / Retail / National Samples

Klim National - gorgeous font

AIGA - They're not fonts!

Righting a common misconception. I’ve been guilty here too.