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Dropshare for Mac

Dropshare is a so-called menulet that enables you to easily drag&drop files, folders and anything else to your own server, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files or Google Drive. Once uploaded, the app copies the link to the file to your Mac’s clipboard and you’re ready to share with anyone you like!

HTML5-powered Ajax file uploads


Library to support multiple file uploads using jQuery, Flash and PHP (in the examples).


File uploading, resizing, encoding, thumbnailing and storage. Has a jQuery plugin for a progress bar

Upload from your desktop — more better! « Flickr Blog

New Flickr Uploader - now supports video

For attaching files, use Paperclip

A better way of uploading files in a Rails app

ColdFusion 8: Enable File, Image and Flash upload in the rich text editor

Upload files using flash and javascript - SWFUpload

caboose Ajax File Upload (Rails)

It’s actually via an iFrame, but still useful nonetheless

File Upload Fu

Guide to writing an image uploader in Rails

SWFUpload beta

Multiple file uploads using Flash

Sexy Flash bandwidth visualisations

TechCrunch » Comparing The Flickrs of Video

Upload progress bar demo

Shows a progress bar while uploading files inline