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Ruby and Node library to generate a nice, URL-safe slug.


“URL shortening hobby kit” by GitHub devs

jQuery URL Parser

URL Design

Essential advice for building namespaced, human-readable URLs and ensuring that links behave as a link.


Converts integers to/from base58. Useful for short URL IDs

Custom Short URLs in WordPress


Make HTTP requests with params and see the response formatted nicely

Flickr: Discussing manufacturing style photo URLs in Flickr API

Using a base58 conversion of photo IDs, like base62 but without 0, I, I and l. PHP function used by Flickr

Coding Horror: The Problem With URLs

Includes example regexs to parse URLs in text

Will Mainstream Users Ever Learn About The Browser's Address Bar?

Many users don’t enter domains, they search for them. Nor do they distinguish between paid ads and organic listings

store_location with subdomains


Free DNS, Static DNS, Dynamic DNS, URL Redirection

hCardMapper - How to use hCards to fill in forms

Example of filling out a form by importing your hCard from a URL

Epeus' epigone: URLs are people too

Rather than use email addresses for signup, allow for OpenID/rel=“me” powered sites for authenticity

mod_rewrite Cookbook

Several very handy recipes

Plugin: create better urls with has_wfid - RailsOnWave Ruby on Rails web 2.0 Ajax

/projects/1-install-ubuntu/milestones/3-order-a-free-cd instead of /projects/1/milestones/3

Http-https transitions and relative URLs

Didn’t know this - href=“//” maintains the HTTP/HTTPS state. Very handy for checkout pages

rest/urls - Microformats

RESTful URLs - conventions and best practice. Follows Rails, although favours slashes instead of semi-colons for the actions

Disambiguated URLs with Ruby on Rails

Particletree » Bookmarking Dynamic Pages

Simple hack for nicer URLs