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Laws of UX

Nice visual guide to useful UX laws


Interactive Screen Design Tool

I hadn’t read @brad_frost’s (cool name) article about thoughtless use of the word “just” before seeing @adactio’s tweet.

I’m sure I’ve used “just” in copy in that context before and I’ll strive to avoid doing so in future.

WPO Stats

Case studies and experiments demonstrating the impact of web performance optimization (WPO) on user experience and business metrics.

Stop the overuse of overflow menus

No Share Buttons on Mobile Sites

Don’t include social share buttons in small-screen websites, unless the user just tapped through from a social network.

I’ve got a new (or split test) slide-out bottom nav in Facebook. May be start of trend more suited to taller phones like the iPhone Pro/X/8?

Facebook UI

WTF, forms?

Friendlier HTML form controls with a little CSS magic. Designed for IE9+, as well as the latest Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Improve Your Billing Form’s UX In One Day

Tips on autocomplete and input masking

The 'Credit Card Number' Field Must Allow and Auto-Format Spaces

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Last week, Barry Frost released Micropublish, a Micropub client written in Ruby. It's a very slick interface for posting a few kinds of posts. I noticed that his "category" field looked really nice, and discovered that he was using a Bootstrap plugin…
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When UX goes wrong
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The simpler your words, the more people will understand you
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Good things stick: Just put up @leisa’s litmus test for well-phrased user needs after a team discussion

Hamburger Menus and Hidden Navigation Hurt UX Metrics

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hamburger comes… hamburger goes…

When People Read on the Internet

Twitter Sundays, Facebook Wednesdays, and Reddit Fridays

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@barryf What?! I thought the Hamburger menu was where all the cool kids were at?! We are just finalising our new site...!

@cronkshaw It’s not great for discoverability, but many now recognise it as nav because it’s so prevalent. More: