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Watching this Jekyll pull request for incremental regeneration of Jekyll sites with huge interest. The prospect of selective rebuilds makes using Jekyll much more attractive for sites with large numbers of small posts (like this one).

Enjoyable course completed in London today and I’m technically now a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO). Time to terrify my teams with my shiny new knowledge.

Just tried out a paper iPhone 6 Plus in my front pocket to see if it fits. Sadly far too big: it peeks out the top.

Site update: I now secure all content on here with SSL, including the admin/posting interface.

Unless I’ve missed any hard-coded URLs, everything should be served via https meaning there’s a little green lock icon in your address bar (depending on your browser).

I’ve also been dabbling with Micropub to support external posting from tools like Quill. More on that later.

Trying a webmention back to my Known site.

Is there a name for when you tweet an image of some text, sometimes a short blog post, that wouldn’t fit in a tweet, rather than link to it? e.g. (talking of needing new words…)

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Product Hunt’s Tinder for X: a list of the many many apps that ape Tinder’s swipe approach.

It’s been a bit quiet from me online this month: I’ve been busy getting married and honeymooning. Exhilarated, exhausted, but very happy.

My write-up of this year’s UX London conference is now live on our globaldev team blog.

Also replicated as an article on this site.

After a happy period using Rdio I’ve switched back to Spotify for all my music listening needs. Despite a much larger catalogue, the killer feature Spotify lacked was a collection of albums, something Rdio’s UI manages very well. But with its new(ish) reboot, Spotify now supports how I want to play music. Switched.

Prompted by Dropbox’s announcement of webhooks, yesterday, I resumed my semi-regular thoughts about powering this site using a combination of Drafts on iOS, Dropbox and Heroku, perhaps with tweets via Tweetbot using a callback chain. Might have a hack on that sometime.

Trying out Twitter Analytics by tweeting a link to a post on my site.

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I had no idea you can just switch on the new Twitter web profile style. Use the "Get it now" button here:

Fun discovery yesterday: my car is 4G.

I have a Three SIM card for data from which it creates a wifi hotspot, displays live traffic updates, plays Spotify, etc.

Driving along the M25 I notice a little ‘4G’ icon appear. Sadly I was a little too busy driving to use it.

Yes! BT has accepted my order for its FTTC broadband, now available in Virginia Water. I’ll soon be improving on my 2Mbit/s to ~40Mbit/s.

Update (2014-04-22): Up-and-running, but only after a cocked-up cabinet activation by an incompetent Openreach engineer that left me without broadband at home for 8 days.

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Last night: built #indieweb commenting on posts direct from my feedreader using #micropub #indieauth #webmention #microformats

@mattjukes Sure, and that’s a point I make in my post. Lowers the barrier to entry but loses its simplicity.

Twitter have recently announced changes to support multiple photos per tweet and tagging of people in photos, changes that bring their service even closer to Facebook/Instagram.

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Wedding wine tasting today and thankfully being driven. Perk of getting married.

Last night was the first London Homebrew Website Club meetup. I said a few words about this site and touched on some of the IndieWeb concepts I’ve been experimenting with, which seemed to go well. Strong turnout of about a dozen people: some completely new to the ideas and others who have been involved with the community for a while.

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