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Making a difference with performance

Techniques to increase front-end web performance

Reposted Jeremy Keith’s post on
When I give talks or workshops, I sometimes get a bit ranty. One of the richest seams of rantiness comes from me complaining about how we web designers and developers are responsible for making the web a hostile place. “Stop getting the web wrong!” I…

Jeremy Keith on how Facebook’s Instant Articles is borne out of the crappy experience and poor performance of websites. “The web doesn’t suck. Your websites suck.”

Best practices in modern web projects


Free Web & Mobile (iOS, Android) Prototyping and UI Mockup Tool

Google Web Fundamentals

“Web Fundamentals is a comprehensive resource for multi-device web development.”

Speed Up Your Web Development Workflow with Cactus for Mac

Describes using a Mac-based site generator app. Clever reloading of browser windows when files are saved.

Heap - Modern Analytics

“Heap automatically captures every user action in your app and lets you measure it all. Clicks, taps, swipes, form submissions, page views, and more.”

"Website abandonment happens after 3 seconds"

Content parity on the web

Advocating having one website and not creating a cutdown version for mobile users

The Toolbox

Directory of useful single-page sites, tools, widgets and apps for web site developers.


London Facebook/mobile/web agency

The web was born in France, not Switzerland

CERN straddles the border and the exact location where Tim Berners-Lee invented it was on the French side.

Names are more important than domain names

Use UTF-8 throughout your web stack

Premium Pixels

Free PSDs and resources for designers by Orman Clark. Lots of lovely little snippets to use freely


Audio from this year’s Ampersand Conference available on Huffduffer as a podcast

Responsive Design Testing

Quickly test a site using common widths for mobile/other devices.

UI Guidelines for Mobile Devices

Book of Speed

Free, in-progress book on site performance and optimisation