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Web browser for OS X designed to be used primarily with information radiators. It has no UI; instead, upon startup, it fills every attached screen with a full-screen WebKit browser

Cross-browser kerning-pairs & ligatures

text-rendering: optimizeLegibility; – on by default for Firefox above 20px; required for Webkit


Vic & Bob style handbaggery. Notable also as a great example of using HTML5 and webkit animation


jQuery plugin to provide native animations, navigation for mobile webkit browsers - targets iPhone, G1 and Pre

@font-face in IE: Making Web Fonts Work — Jon Tan 陳

Jon suggests using both @font-face and .eot files to support both Webkit and IE

RGBA colors - CSS3

How to use RGBA - Safari 3/Webkit only for now

tap tap tap

Sexy iPhone apps and a beautiful website. Uses @font-face on webkit

Announcing SunSpider 0.9

JavaScript benchmarking

Introducing KitMate: TextMate + WebKit

WebKit inspector from within TextMAte

Replicating iPhone Buttons the ‘-webkit’ way! at LaunchPad Blog

Just in case I ever need to create an iPhone app

Swift: a web browser for Windows

Uses WebKit as a rendering engine. A bit rough at the moment (well it is an alpha) but will be useful for testing etc.