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Anatomy of a Crushing

Lessons from the Pinboard team from the surge in interest when speculation began that Yahoo planned to drop Delicious

Yahoo's Incomprehensible Mission Statement

“Yahoo! powers and delights our communities of users, advertisers, and publishers - all of us united in creating indispensable experiences, and fueled by trust.”

Apple iPad User Analysis

Uses demographic info that Yahoo! knows to profile iPad early adopters. Summary: mostly male, 30-54, with an iPhone.

Twitter, reformatted

Yahoo! Pipe to clean up Twitter’s RSS feeds—removing the username prefix and filtering out items that begin with “@” or “RT”

CDN Catalog

List of Google/Yahoo/Microsoft hosted JavaScript libraries, including jQuery and SWFObject


Query public APIs and RSS feeds with SQL-like expressions and return JSON(P).

Term Extraction Web Service

Examines text and suggests tags suitable for the text

Yahoo! Address Book API

Same idea as Google contacts API: means you don’t require a user’s username/password to find their contacts

Design Stencils - Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

Omnigraffle, Vision, PNG, SVG templates for wireframing

Yahoo! UI Library: Graded Browser Support

Which browsers Yahoo supports. Key point is that your site doesn’t need to look the same in all browsers, just the A-graders

Muxtape Recommendations

Yahoo Pipes service that suggests muxtapes that match your favourites artists from

Yahoo!'s Latest Performance Breakthroughs

More recommendations over and above YSlow

iPhone Cacheability - Making it Stick

Notes on designing for the iPhone/iPod Touch - small cache so keep everything minified/small

Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Compressor

Java based squisher for Javascript

Rails performance tip - using YSlow

Recommendations on how to tune Rails sites based on the Yahoo guidelines

ColdFusion Developer Center - Yahoo! Developer Network

With notes and guides to using Yahoo stuff with CF

Yahoo! UI Library: Reset CSS

Jack Slocum's Blog » Exploring Cross-browser Web 2.0 Layouts with Yahoo! UI

Stunning border layout toolkit. Perfect for single-screen dashboard apps.

Yahoo! Developer Network - Python Developer Center


IM to web/RSS system. APIs etc.