Fifth day in NZ and everything’s less crazy. Jet lag’s getting better (although I do keep falling asleep at the pub) and we’ve started to explore Auckland. It’s a fantastic city, lots of pubs, bars, cafes, shops and things to do. The Kiwis are really friendly and helpful and we’re really enjoying ourselves.

Went to the Sky Tower on Thursday, the fourth largest towery thing in the world, apparantly. Was, indeed, quite big and the views were amazing all over Auckland. Had a few beers up their, sat around on the Sky Deck (the top bit) and lie in the sun watching the boats in the harbour.

Yesterday, however, six of us (Stu, Daniel, Helen, Jo, Sue and me) went househunting but not much luck, so we came back today and found the most amazing three-storey house really close to the city. It’s fully furnished (very rare for out here), washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, microwave, satellite, leather sofas, two bathrooms, balconies with a sea view, “vibrasauna” (God only knows). We haven’t got a definite “yes” - the estate agent needs to confirm with the landlord that he doesn’t mind six scummy travellers… - so we’re crossing all our fingers.

It’s really sad at the moment: half the BUNAC group are buggering off down south and a few good friends are leaving. Seems like we’ve been together for ages because they’ve been constant throughout the last week and a day. Sue and me are going to book our places on the Kiwi Experience bus for about March next year and tour around the South Island. You get to stop off at all the best places, swim, mess about, explore with these Kiwi tour guides.

Sue and I are off to Davenport on the ferry tomorrow and then we’ll take it easy - we’ve both got job acency interviews on Monday. It’s going to be a shame to have to “end” our holiday and work but, despite the fantastic exchange rate, we’re spending money fast. Need dollar!

And we keep getting freaked out thinking about people in the UK standing upside down. Just doesn’t seem right.