After even more wrangling with reluctant landlords, we’ve at last found a house. It’s actually a big house converted into two flats in “fashionable” Ponsonby. I’m upstairs with Sue, Helen and Joanna; downstairs is Stu, Daniel and Rich: somehow I’ve been relegated to the girly floor. It’s unfurnished so we’re going to spend this afternoon trawling the second-hand furniture shops, renting TVs and things.

Stu and Daniel have now bought a car. It’s this big silver brick with acid smiley faces on the windows, automatic and can just about squeeze four of us in the back. Sadly, the girls have already named it “Bertha”. Oh dear.

Had more job agency interviews: went to Duncan Ryan who seem to have a few irons in the fire for me but, as yet, I’ve not had any definite offers. Don’t want to say too much but I should know more by Tuesday. Sue’s starting the telesales next week and I’m quite tempted to join her, Stu and Helen so I can start earning something to pay the rent!