Had my first full week at Executive Taskforce and it’s going well. The work’s starting to build up and I’ve been given a few mini projects to complete which suggests they want me to stay longer. I’m still hoping to get some sort of website work after Christmas, but this’ll pay the rent in the mean time.

Had another fantastic weekend: Sue took me to Rangitoto Island on Saturday for my birthday “outing”. It’s a dormant volcano on the other side of the harbour and the island’s made entirely of lava with vegetation built up on top. We took the ferry there, rode halfway up on a “safari bus” and then walked up to the summit crater. It was very “Gorillas in the Mist” because the clouds were so low and it had started raining. When we got to the summit we were actually in the cloud and you could barely see anything but, eerily quickly, the clouds disappeared and the harbour gradually appeared. Amazing. Before that we’d had lunch at the Harbour-side Restaurant - will definitely return for some more seafood.

Things are starting to get a bit tetchy in the house. Sue’s getting narked at things like the frying pan disappearing into the downstairs flat, Richard’s pissed off he hasn’t got a job, Stu and Helen have taken their hate-hate bitchy sessions too far, Dan’s got an ear infection and Joanna’s got scabies from her bed! Must stop taking the piss but it’s hilarious given that she’s such a clean and tidy girl!