Saw my first Premiership football last night: missing seeing football in the papers and on TV every day, even if Arsenal are doing crap at the moment. Was at the Cavalier, our nearest pub which is a ten minute walk away. We’re bang in the middle of cafe and restaurant land but in the arse end of nowhere as far as bars and pubs are concerned. Can’t really complain, though, because Ponsonby’s quite a funky place to live and there’s an off licence at the bottom of the road.

Might be going canyoning or trying for a skydive next weekend; this weekend’s earmarked for lying about on the beach and sleeping. So knackered at the moment - am getting up at 6.30 every morning to start work at 8.30 and then staying up late - and could do with a major lie-in. Sue’s champing at the bit to go exploring another island but I could do with a weekend off.