Things are starting to take shape. Completed my first week of Telesales hell, found 0800 CURRIES whose curries are quite clearly worth living for, adopted a tortoise-shell kitten who is a blatant attention whore and have bought funky new trousers. The NZ Dollar is seriously crap at the moment: the national average wage is about £10,000 and because the pound is so strong, we’re like virtual kings out here. Kiwis seem to get very excited when we walk into shops and even over-priced jeans are no object to my might currency. Wuhahaha.

Sue’s playing receptionist today and may well have won herself a fulltime job - “sweet as”, as the locals say. I’m sadly having less luck after learning that all the skilled IT people have moved to Australia/UK simply because there are so few IT jobs here. It doesn’t help when employment agencies say, “ColdFusion web developer? Wow, they’re crying out for you guys in London, aren’t they?” Bastards. Back to the telesales next week and a couple of days of “distribution” which entails packaging T-shirts and posters.

Hope everything’s “choice” back home.