We’re now settling into the new house. It’s a bit sparse - just mattresses and the innards of rucksacs everwhere - but it’s starting to feel like home. NZ rented houses seem to be pretty much all non-furnished and, because we’re off backpacking next year, there’s not too much point in buying things we can’t take with us. Nevertheless, we’re renting a TV and sampled our first night of kiwi TV last night. Sadly, this consisted of Ainsley Harriot, Emmerdale, Corrie and Eastenders. Oh dear.

In the absence of anything decent Sue and I started swallowed our pride and sold our sole to the telesales devil on Monday. Much as I’d expected it consists of bullying old people into buying something they’ve already filled in a coupon saying they don’t want. Worse, we’ve got a target of two “sales” an hour despite the fact that it’s nothing to do with your own salesperson abilities and more to do with how stupid people are! Please job god, find us something soon!