First day back at work in the “real” new millennium. Very hard to get back into the routine this morning after a fantastic Christmas/New Year. Christmas Day itself wasn’t quite the anti-climax it threatened to be. It was in fact Sue who masterminded the whole lunch (eaten at five!) which included a Kumara mash (Maori vegetable, bit like a potato), an enormous turkey and no sprouts. Rather stupidly, Helen decided to buy me a super soaker with which I’ve annoyed everyone with with my hilarious penchant for drenching helpless housemates. Sadly, Stu and Dan have now bought their own, more expensive and bigger versions and have since ganged up on me. Bastards.

Between Chrimbo and New Year, Sue and I disappeared off to Coromandel on the other side of the Hauraki Gulf. Stayed in an en-suite hostel room with a TV and sofa which was more hotel than hostel. Didn’t have Bertha with us so I managed to get Sue onto a bike to cycle to the nearby beaches and into town and almost killed the poor girl. She also got very surnburnt - her eyelids are still peeling from when she fell asleep on the beach! If you’re ever anywhere on the Coromandel pennisula, make sure you have dinner at the Peppertree on Kapanga Road and try the lamb. Will definitely go back for that.

New Year was a bit of a disappointment. We went to the Loaded Hog by Auckland Harbour: something of a meat market in the week but crammed with grab-a-grannies for New Year’s Eve. Dan was hammered before we left, Stu seemed subdued and Helen was off with her new Kiwi man Bob. The others are currently in Kerikeri so Sue and I are getting a bit of peace and quiet.

Have a look at Stu’s new Blogger-driven weblog that he’s just started for an alternative viewpoint on the goings on in our house. And a big sorry - Sue and I promise to get some photos scanned by next week at the earliest! Happy 2001!