Seems like Auckland’s finally back at work now. Stu’s working for NZ Blood, Helen’s working in a fertility clinic (sadly, she’s not helping any young men to choke their chickens…), “Young Man” Rich is at the YMCA, Joanna occassionally works at an Irish pub in Parnell and Westaff Temp of November Sue’s the receptionist at the Kiwi Dairies HQ.

Sue’s now seems to have recovered from having half the mosquito population of New Zealand bite her last week. Rather stupidly (given her propensity to react to insect bites) we went for a walk by the river through the woods at dusk without any repellent. Came back and she looked like Popeye with huge forearms and big hives everywhere. Poor dear went to the doctors and they gave her a massive dose of antihistamine in one arm and another of adrenaline in the other. She came outside and tried to have a cigarette and looked like Dot Cotton she was shaking like a leaf so much!

Finally, everyone (on the Internet) seems to be going mad over these StorTrooper things where you can make a cartoon character of yourself. Doesn’t seem to work on my computer but give it a go and send me yours!