Football is a cruel mistress that continues to snatch my dreams away from me right at the death. Stupid twats.

So much to do with which I’ll be helping to rebuild over the next four months. It’s the sort of project I’ve always wanted to get my teeth into so it’s about time I started putting my money where my mouth is.

Sue and I made it to a gig on Friday night - my first in far too long - at the local university. We’d had a few beers with Joanna and Richard (who’s in the capital for a few days) and only caught the excellent end of second-billing Garageland (Kiwi). Headliners Superjesus (Aussie) were shit but we still had a good night, blagging ourselves backstage and then into the City with Marystaple and new workmates, Dusty and Teina (who are doing their new video), to the Matterhorn. A little bit pissed, I was introduced to Garageland’s singer who didn’t seem to mind when I gushed and told him that I loved, “that Tinderbox song,” which is actually called “Fingerpops”.

Remember, children, you’re representing your country…