Panic’s over, depression’s over and all’s okay again. Started my new job at Morse Media, a funky web design/development company in the centre of Wellington. It’s quite a small company with just four full-time employees but everyone’s really nice, they’re excellent designers and know what they’re talking about. My main work’s going to be ColdFusion development on their Kiwi music portal, and help them scale up the database. It’s provisionally for a week’s trial but hopefully I’ll have done enough to extend my contract. They’re all music nuts and my lack of Kiwi music knowledge is a bit embarrassing. Need to find out about Shihad, Weta and the rest of them to stop being the ignorant foreigner I am!

Sue’s also got a new job and has turned the tables on me by working on the 22nd floor of one of the biggest buildings in the city. Cow. She’s working for State Insurance doing marketing and PR with her own Spectacular View over the harbour. Think she’s a bit daunted, having never done anything like it before, but I’m sure she’ll be able to handle it. Clever girl, my Sue!

The good news is that the FA Cup Final (Arsenal v Liverpool) is live on terrestial TV tonight; the bad news is that the kick-off’s 2am, NZ time. Think I’m going to have to overdose on caffeine to get through the night! Was cheesily wearing my Arsenal shirt around town today, walked into a record shop and was inevitably served by a “cheeky” scouser. Made sure to check he hadn’t nicked the CD from inside the case. Come on you Reds!