God it’s cold here. For some reason when we were planning our route through New Zealand we decided to move nearer the Antarctic for the winter. In wouldn’t be so bad except Wellington still hasn’t discovered central heating. Our flat has one small heater which competes with one of Sue’s fags to be the biggest heat source.

I should be looking forward to the coming long weekend but, because I’m technically a contractor, I don’t get the public holiday off. Lucky Susan’s an employee and so will be putting her feet up. It’s for the Queen’s birthday: a holiday that the whole Commonwealth celebrates with the odd exception of Britain. We’re going out for a few tomorrow night and will have a pint for Her Maj.

Sue’s just bought us NZ$90 (about thirty quid) tickets for the All Blacks v France test at the end of June which, by Sue’s estimations, should guarantee us gold-plated seats and free beer. She’s been threatened with the sack if she doesn’t cheer for the All Blacks but then it’s not exactly difficult to support any opposition playing France, is it?

Finally, good luck to everyone doing their Finals back in England. Don’t stress: only a couple more weeks and you can say goodbye to education FOREVER!