Finally made it to Sydney (hence the Australian flag). It’s a big shock to the system after the slow-paced, tranquil, sedate cities of New Zealand! We’re staying in the Glebe YHA until the weekend, a little out of the centre of the city, and will spend a few days in Coogee, just along the coast. We were couped up inside yesterday as the heavens poured all day long but we made it out this morning, walking across the city to view the obvious sites: the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Wasn’t too impressed with the former - big, ugly, seventies-style monstrosity that somehow rates as a “significant” piece of architecture. First impressions of the city: lots and lots for tourists and backpackers and it seems like quite a cool place to live.

Much more impressive, though, was bumping into Anton Oliver (captain) and the rest of the All Blacks forwards on Manly Beach before their line-out training session. Sue bounded over to Anton and we snapped a cheesy photo, wishing them luck on Saturday - the Tri-Nations decider against Australia. Embarrassing, yes, but it had to be done!

Oh and we’ve now got a mobile phone SIM card but haven’t registered the number yet. More soon!