[Not enough time to do Las Vegas so I’ll concentrate on the last week in LA]: Had a whirlwind week of theme parks, TV shows and culture. Started with our debut appearance on US TV in the audience of the Late Late Show hosted by some unfunny, nobody comedian. Um, our backs were clearly in view… It was quite an eye-opener, as well as a hand-killer, as we were encouraged to whoop, holler and clap our hands until they bled. Next was Universal Studios at which was the new Mummy Returns “experience”. Poor Sue was frightened by the blokes that jumped out at her in mummy costumes, much to my amusement! ET, Back to the Future and the 3D Terminator 2 things were good as well. We then spent a day-o-culture at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art which featured Andy Warhol exhibitions and lots of Latin American water pots. Pat on the back for us. Disneyland followed and saw Sue regress to a five-year-old, beating aside small children to have her picture taken with Mickey Mouse. We then wrapped up what we’d missed at Universal on Sunday and then jetted off to Las Vegas on Monday. More soon when Internet time isn’t so expensive!