Barry Frost

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Back to Britain one-year-and-a-week after we left. Las Vegas was an incomparable heady cocktail of chinking slot machines and outlandish casino hotels that was a fantastic way of rounding off the year. We flew out for four days on the Las Vegas airline and were told our stewardesses were named Sherri, Cherri and Gerri… it’s that kind of place. We discovered, however, that gambling was shit when we wasted twenty quid by feeding the pokies for a couple of hours but the cheap accommodation and buffet food made up for it. We were staying at Circus Circus which had 4000 cheapish rooms, a full, permanent circus and a rollercoaster inside and yet was still in the nice part of the “Strip”. We spent a couple of evenings wandering up towards the poncey ones like the MGM, Caesar’s Palace and The Luxor but the highlight was the enormous musical water fountain in the lake outside Bellagio. Great place for a few days but it was starting to get a bit tedious towards the end.

So, we’re back home… now for the unpleasant task of finding jobs and somewhere to live. At the risk of sounding cheesy, it’s been a fantastic year, we’ve got lots of memories and we’ve met lots of great people. I just hope this hasn’t been too boring to read! Thanks for reading, love Barryxx