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January 2006

Image Abstractions and Implementations in Content Management | Gadgetopia

A good approach to asset management - browse by the essence of the image and then retrieve by a specific profile, eg boat + b&w 200px

all in the head — Site Maps for Web Applications

Use a basic navigational map, an interaction flow diagram and a URI map

Chaucery Blog: Doctor Who's very special effects

Doctor Who screencaps show assembler/BASIC code on screen to produce effects

Panic Goods - Nice T-Shirts For You

Drag'n'drop t-shirts into a shopping cart. Friendly check-out too.

Five Simple Steps to Typesetting on the web: The Right Glyph for the Job : Journal : Mark Boulton | Information design

Nice reminder that glyphs are possible on the web too

Google Code: Web Authoring Statistics

The most popular pages, elements, classes, attributes etc.

File Explorer - AS Fusion Projects

ColdFusion 7 Flash Forms based file explorer

xlab » Highlighting Labels

Matches a label to its radio/checkbox and highlights it when selected

Rails webdevelopment » Effect.Queues

Use effects in series rather than parallel

SEOmoz :: AJAX Powered IP Location Lookup

The Google Robot FAQ (Last update: November 1st, 2030)

“Google Robots are our human-like machines that walk the earth to record information. They do no harm, and they do not invade your privacy.”

Frozenreality Version 10

Great brooding black & white photos fading to black. The comics and other artwork aren’t too shabby either :)


Christian Cantrell: Clarifying the Term "Flex"

How to distinguish between the different products/technologies

Mozilla causing XSS in Livejournal

It’s down to the -moz-binding CSS attribute which can be used maliciously

Web Applications 1.0

Working draft of proposals for the future of HTML and the DOM

Digital Web Magazine - CSS Typography

Edit in Place with JavaScript and CSS

TextDrive Weblog: Optimizing Rails Resource Usage

Drag & Drop

Drag items between two lists

AJAX Activity indicators with Rails 0.14.3

Also relevant for non-Rails apps that use Prototype. Handy examples of Prototype Ajax responders

ImageMagick v6 Examples

Garrett Dimon / The Time is Now for Front-End Architects

Front-end development is more than just HTML+Photoshop; we need architects.

Updrift: Questions Ruby on Rails skeptics ask

Slaying some sacred cows

QuirksBlog: The AJAX response: XML, HTML, or JSON?

Advantages/disadvantages of each method

jslint: The JavaScript Verifier

Best practice for Javascript development


Turn an RSS feed into a spoken podcast

UK post code to latitude/longitude snippet

DateBox - Intuitive Date Input Selection

Mailwatch Vote 2005

The best of Daily Mail (and Express) front covers from 2005. What would Diana say indeed?

Techdirt:Unintentially Geeky Joke In Apple's Share Price

Heh… $80.86 closing price on the day that Apple releases the first Intel Mac

Default Function Arguments In JavaScript

function foo(a, b) { a = a || “bar”, b = b || “moo”; …

Horizontal Forms symantically

Good for simple sign-up forms

Surprise secret to soccer appeal

Football offers most surprises and thrashes all other sports. But it’s getting less fun…

Read/WriteWeb: Cat eats pigeons: why Web 2.0 has jumped the shark

Following on from the “Web 2.0 is dead” post. I agree the name has become rather tainted. - coconutIdentityCard

Where and when was your Mac/iPod built?

Is 37signals The New Google?

Developer | Slider | Measure Map

Measure Map offers its Flash date slider selector for download - including FLA

iBook and PowerBook Reliability

Conclusion: G3 iBooks got worse with each revision, the other lines improved…

@media 2006

Ooh I want to go to this! Cover Search Engine

Very handy for adding album art to iTunes

Campaign Monitor

Email newsletter and list management software

How to order wine without looking like an [arsehole]

JSON in JavaScript

Getting data back from (for example) an Ajax request into a JS object. Don’t forget the eval(‘(’ + t.responseText + ‘)’)…

Adobe Consulting: Yahoo Maps + Coldfusion = Dynamic Marker Example

DevBoi 0.5.1 Beta

Sidebar reference guides, including RoR