Barry Frost

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March 2006

Xara to be open sourced (Linux)

Free Linux version now; Mac and Windows versions to come. Good work Computer Concepts!


Ruby on Rails eCommerce / CMS

Mike Chambers: Tutorial : Using JSON with Flex 2 and ActionScript 3

File Juicer

Extract images from PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other files on Mac OS X

rewindlife: Unzip a file in CFMX with

Natively from super clever Java

4096 Color Wheel Version 2.1

Prototype Javascript Windows

Floating windows and dialogs using Prototype/Scriptaculous

deconcept › FlashObject: Javascript Flash detection and embed script

The best way to embed Flash in your validating HTML document

TechCrunch » Comparing The Flickrs of Video

xlab » Exploring Internet Explorer 7

Round-up of the new CSS additions/omissions from the new IE7 beta build

codejanitor » AJAX Timeouts with Prototype

Register a handler for network outages/server problems

PXN8.COM - Online Photo Editor

Crop, enhance, resize, rotate, adjust images using an inline editor

JSEclipse :: Edit JavaScript with ease.

Now supports Ajax libraries

Encytemedia: Introducing CSS event:Selectors

A bit like Behaviour but fits better with Prototype

GrayBit v0.5 Beta: Grayscale Conversion Contrast Accessibility Tool

Remove colours from a web page - useful accessibility check


Get Growl-powered notifications as Gmail is delivered


Proposal to replace XMLHttpRequest with a system that allows data interchange with any server, not just the server of the page


Connects to Outlook to display upcoming calendar/task items on the desktop background | popular urls to the latest web buzz

Nice round-up of the current web dev zeitgeist

ReCSS: Reload your CSS

Bookmarklet to reload stylesheets without reloading the page

qTip . CSS . Learn . solarDreamStudios

Hover over links and the title attribute is displayed in a hovering div

Edge Rails version of Prototype

Get the latest (development) version here

WindowsDomainAuthentication in Ruby on Rails

Integrating Rails with Windows security on IIS

Adobe Consulting: Flex 2 Style Explorer (beta) available

…with added aeon transparency.

Discovering HTTP #1: The Accept header (Loud Thinking)

Interesting approach to controller re-use - especially for Ajax apps

Adactio: Journal - Comments on community

“The more popular the community, the more likely it is that comments are going to suck”

Pixoh: Edit pictures online

Crop, rotate, resize images

Flex Framework:FABridge - Adobe Labs

Control Flex (or other Flash 8.5 swfs) from Javascript. Makes scripting easy-peasy

Evaluating Website Accessibility (1)

First part in a series of useful accesibility tips

Free! Icons for your website or application at MaxPower

Round-up of free/CC/(L)GPL icon sets

iSquint: iPod video made easy.

Convert video into iPod-friendly mp4

FarCry - Mollio

Some well-developed CSS/HTML templates, borne from the FarCry open-source CMS project

12 perfect cases for Ajax

IndieHQ is the ultimate resource for independent bands and indie record labels.

Lovely design and great content

Adactio Austin

Jeremy’s GMap/Calendar mashup. Good example of behaviour separation

JavaScript Tabifier automatically create an html tab interface

Simple tabs that degrade gracefully and attaches directly to the DOM | Job Search Made Simple

Attractive job website. Liking the green and blue bars down the sides of the page

ActionScript 3:resources:apis:libraries - Adobe Labs

Flickr, Mappr, RSS, Atom, Odeo and YouTube libraries for Flex 2.0

Garrett Dimon / Templates & Stencils for Visio & Omnigraffle

Wireframe stencils for Visio and Omnigraffle

Apple - Mac OS X - Bonjour

aka Rendezvous. This page includes a link to the Windows installer. The DOM Event Model

Mouse events - detailing properties like ctrlKey, altKey etc.